World’s Cheapest Mac Netbook: Modded MacBook Mini

Macbook Mini Modded

For all those geek folks among you that view Apple’s MacBooks as being way too, here is something you might like. A German Hacker named Florian took his time and used his skills to make a Cheap MSI wind into a MacBook look alike. He first made a hole in the lid of his Laptop and then used a Dremel tool to carve an Apple Logo from the frosted perspex.
Macbook Mini Modded
Six white LEDs were added to properly illuminate logo he had made. Using tape and aluminum foil, he made sure all things were held in their right places within the inside of the Lid. The LEDs bounce out enough light to fool anyone to think it is truly a real MacBook. As if it were not enough, Florian even made a Spoof of the Macbook Air for his MacBook Mini Netbook. Find the video below and find for yourself.

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