Laptop Pillow Gadget Lets Us Sleep Where We Work

After you work on your laptop for hours upon hours, you deserve a little rest. Why not grab a few minutes and sleep on the Pillow Gadget that is connected to your Laptop cover?

The i-Sleep design by Ivonne Dippmann is a great Laptop gadget that we can really get used to. It sits connected to the laptop cover, so at times when you simply cannot hold on any longer, all you have to do is just close the cover and rest.

Since this gadget hooks up to the Laptop, it is set that hot air fills the pillow as soon the lid closes. This pillow is made with Internal Latex material, sustaining the short rest with the warmth and comfort we deserve. Moreover, your set up playlist will begin its soft sound as the pillow expands, granting a little additional pampering.

Unfortunately, we cannot stay sleeping forever, so similar to the Pillow Alarm, this pillow too will sound out a preset alarm after 10 minutes or your personal preferences. You could always take a completely different route and Build a Laptop Stand for Bed, so you will never have to leave that comfort zone.