Firefighting Anna Konda Snake Robot

The Firefighting Snake Robot, named Anna Konda, may require you to overcome the fear of snakes, so it could save your life. Unlike other life saving robots, this one doesn’t just squirt water to put out fires but is hydraulically powered as well.

The Anna Konda Snake Robot is 3 meters long and has 33 degrees of movement from each of its 20 separate joints. Weighing 75 kilos, it is not a small snake but a hefty machine that hopes to reach difficult places, so it could save lives and put out fires.

It is amazing that different robots are created to assist us in places that we have certain limitations. Instead of sending human lives to extreme situations, such robotic creations can aid in dangerous times, function under difficult conditions, and withstand the heat and hazards.

A video demonstration of this Firefighting Snake Robot is right below.

Via: BotJunkie