Cellphone Watch with 1GB Built-In Storage

It isn’t everyday you see a cellphone that you can actually wear. There was the palm cellphone handphone that you can simply talk to your hand, but this Cellphone Watch is a whole new gadget.

This Cellphone Watch may be a bit bulky to look at, but it packs some great abilities. First of all, it is a working multimedia cellphone with Bluetooth capabilities. Moreover, the design itself is also a geeky item that gadget lovers will appreciate, for example, the rotary dial keypad to grant some retro concept.

As with other daily cellphones, it consists of a built in camera for digital photos and videos, takes a sim card for activation, includes a few needed apps such as calendar, alarm clock (pretty obvious – it IS a watch), video games, built-in mic and speaker, 1GB internal memory with a possibility of expansion with external card, and supports different languages.

The Cellphone Watch costs 105 Euros (approximately $142) at Chinavision and although it will be different to wear that a regular wristwatch, it still includes some great features and abilities that many geeks would love to try out.

Via: GeekAlerts