Handsfree Nikon Media Port UP is a Portable Multimedia Player Headset

Nikon Media Player

People still think that Personal and Portable Media Playing means laptops or iPods; however, the people over at Nikon think otherwise. Nikon has devised a makes-you-look-like-a-Cyborg accessory called the Media Port UP. The Media Port UP puts a TV in front of your eye and takes videos from the iPod or other media to show it to you.

The Nikon Media Port UP provides up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted video playback and up to 270 minutes of uninterrupted music playback on a single Charge of the included Rechargeable batteries.

Nikon Media Player

The Multimedia Headset consists of 4 to 8 gigabyte internal hard drive capacities. It provides Internet browsing facility with the built in Wi-Fi feature, and you can control the device by moving your head up, down, left and right — thanks to the embedded motion sensors for hands free operation.

There are two models available: the high-performance UP300x and the basic UP300.

additional main features of the Nikon Media Port UP are:

* The single, compact unit allows for simple enjoyment of videos and music anyplace and anytime, while leaving the hands free to do other things.

* The image and video viewing experience provided by the device gives a sensation equivalent to that of viewing of a 50-inch large screen from a distance of three meters.

* The Following File Formats are Supported:

Movie: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV9 (DRM 10 compatible)
Audio: MP3, WMA9, AAC though the device is also compatible with DRM 10.
Still image: JPEG only
Other: SWF files with a compatibility of Flash Player 7 too.

* Web browsing can also be done via an Internet connection you have at home or a restaurant using the built-in Wi-Fi feature. It also allows the media contents to be downloaded right to the Device’s hard disk.

*The Device sports an extremely compact and lightweight display that offers excellent image quality achieved with optics made possible through development and adoption of a new adhesion double-layer diffractive optical element (DOE) lens.

* The Media Port Up is Designed with a “high eyepoint and diopter adjustment” so that even those who wear glasses will find the display easy to view.

* The high-performance Model, the UP300x has a built-in motion sensor that facilitates hands free operation by moving the head up or down, left or right.

* The UP300x is equipped with an 8 GB internal memory while the UP300 offers 4 GB of internal memory.

* The Device has a 0.44-in display with a resolution of 640 x 480 x 3 dots and 16,770,000 colors.

* Content can be transferred from the PC via a Hi-Speed USB port.

* The Media Port UP has a weight of 385 Grams including the supplied batteries

* The Windows Media Player (WMP) files are also supported which means compatible media files saved to a computer can also be transferred to a UP for viewing and listening enjoyment.

The Media Port UP is priced at $580 and is available on UPStore.jp and comes with two Sanyo AA “eneloop” Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and a bundled quick charger.

Source: Coolest Gadgets