Colorful Mini Lego LED Lamps DIY

These mini lamps are made of Lego bricks and provide bright and colorful LED to any room. Since they are made from Lego, they are truly a down to earth DIY lamps that you build with any color combination you wish.

These LED lamps may look similar to the Rainbow LED Lamps we previously seen by the color and lighting material, but the fact they are constructed from Lego Bricks bring it a whole new do it yourself home design style.

It is a great combination of lifelong toys, electric LED, and colorful lighting make these lamps a must for any child or adult. Moreover, they are powered by only two AAA batteries, have a photo frame stand on top, and cost only $12 at Brando.

Via: GeekAlerts

7 thoughts on “Colorful Mini Lego LED Lamps DIY

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  3. Prahant Jadhav.


    Pls let me know how many battery is require per lamp
    and how much it cost per lamp


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