Imaginative Interactive Self Drawings are Remarkable

At first look of these self drawings, I immediately thought of MC Escher’s art of the hands drawing each other, as can be seen in the Robot Art Escher Remake.

These drawings from Macacolandia have great creativity and imagination and are probably fun to draw. I have been fortunate enough to be in contact with them directly, where they provided a number of different artwork showing the various ideas someone imagined.

These Interactive pictures provide a different creative view then the amazing Dead Celebrity Font Art we have previously seen and deserve a podium just the same.

I love the use of drawings interacting with realistic objects and limbs as can clearly be seen in each of the presented drawings. The imagination is apparent and outstanding. I personally do not have the talent or patience, which increases my appreciation of the artist and the design.

Including these, the official site has remarkable artwork: from storyboard to layouts to comics. I have also added a few other pics as examples.