Segway Scooter Golf Cart Caddy: Hit a Birdie with Style

The Segway scooter continues to become a daily seen item, and this Golf Caddy Segway transformation makes it practical and stylish at the same time. While rolling on the green, why share a space with the other golfers or drive in the cart looking boxes, simply roll on the green.

This Segway scooter Golf Cart is not on the Amazing Segway Scooter List but still comes in handy for those riding on the green trying to hit a birdie.

You are already dressed the part, paying for the privelage, and looking to improve your record, why not also improve your ride? The Segway Golf Cart is a great alternative that can make the time between holes a lot more fun.

Jetavenue mentioned this upgraded Golf Cart Caddy into segway costs 7,000 Euros.