South Park iPhone App is Sick

South Park iPhone App? Who is sick enough to create such an application? The South Park Studios of course. Who here doesn’t like South Park? You can now stand up, turn around, and leave the room, for there is nothing for you to see here.

The South Park iPhone application provides little goodies for the South Park fans in all of us. You can stream short clips, grab wallpapers for your iPhone, get updated news about episodes, and also browse the index of all the years of South Park episodes you watched, missed or became obsessed with.

Another neat feature with this upcoming South Park app is the ability to take some of the famous character’s faces and assign them to your contact list. Towelie will represent your stoner connection, Cartman or Kyle a few others, and so on.

For the ultimate fans, this could be the perfect South Park fix to have and to hold at all times of the day. For the rest, you were supposed to leave already!

Source and Images Via: BoingBoing