New USB Mice Wheel Gadget Measures Typing Speed

USB Mice Wheel

We may use any of the available typing speed measuring software to assess our typing speed but with the New USB Mice Wheel Gadget it is a lot more fun. No matter how useless some USB gadgets may be, it doesn’t fail to make people that see it laugh. With this new gadget, the faster you type, the faster the mouse inside the wheel runs.

You just need to plug the USB mice wheel into one of your USB ports and start typing. You might use the new gadget to show someone how fast you type or use it as motivation to type faster. “Everyone likes having small furry animals around to talk to, and it’s even better when they don’t require feeding, cleaning or just watching out for to make sure the cat doesn’t get them. Great fun in the office, or as a motivation for learning to touch type!” If you don’t want the Mice Wheel to run while you are typing, or if you want to make it run even when you are not typing – it can run on 3 AAA sized batteries also and the speed of the mouse can be controlled by the provided knob.

Via SlashGear and Red Ferret