Mobile Firefox Alpha First Screenshots

Firefox Mobile

The news of a Mobile version of Firefox has been in air from quite some time now. The alpha build of Mobile Firefox — codenamed Fennec — has been available for testing on Nokia 810 Internet Tablet phone models. However, Brad Lassey, a Mozilla developer has got the Firefox up and running on a Windows Mobile Phone.

Firefox Mobile Ferrec

The Mobile Firefox scores 88 out of hundred in the Acid3 test which is not bad for the Alpha version of a Mobile Browser.

Firefox Mobile Ferrec

The Fennec has been developed to work in a full screen mode most of the time and the the location bar, tab menu, the forward, back and reload buttons are all designed to hide when you’re not using them. This provides enough room for reading web pages.

Firefox Mobile Ferrec

The Mobile Firefox Version features Tabbed browsing and provides thumbnails of all the open pages.

Brad’s Blog Via Lifehacker and The Unwired