Nokia Headset Design: Music Almighty Headset Competition

Could Nokia use your help? Can you assist Nokia designers by providing your creativity and imagination? That is what Nokia is looking for the entrants of their new Nokia Headset Design Competition entitled Music Almighty Headset Competition.

This new Nokia competition (ending December 31st, 2008) is allowing worldwide individuals to design a new Headset for Nokia inspired by a piece of music. As entrants upload their images and headset designs to the site, all can grant a different number of stars to the other designs. The ten who receive most stars then move to the second stage to be judged in front of Nokia’s panel of experts.

Nokia’s panel will then select the final five to be created and presented for some of their worldwide flagship stores. In addition, winners will receive a replica of their designed Headset.

The images presented are for illustration purposes only and are not marketing a specific user design.