A Protective Helmet that Plays Your Music

Red Trace Helmet

Apart from Writing about New Gadgets and Gaming, people find me riding sports bikes and doing stunts all the same., and so it becomes necessary for me to wear a helmet. I usually like to avoid the Helmet but there is not a need any more with the protective musical helmet.

The R.E.D Trace helmet is as Geeky as a Helmet can get. Apart from keeping you safe from any head damage, the Trace Helmet can play music for you. The trace Helmet can be connected to your iPod, a CD player, tape player or any other Mp3 player having a 3.5 mm Speaker Jack which means that it can be connected to a Nokia N96 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as well.

R.E.D Trace Musical Helmet has DJ-quality low profile-speakers and is build in a way that it can be suitable for wearing at Crossover sports and conditions, such as Snow/Skate/Bike. It features a removable Goggle Clip, a Removable Goggle Gasket, an injected ABS shell and front vent plugs. The Helmet comes in two colors at the moment – Black and White – and retails for $90.

If you still do not want to wear a helmet, but want to listen to music while riding, you could always get the iPod Speaker for Your Bike.

Trace Helmet via Chip Chick