Smallest Solar Car in the World

Would the Smallest Solar Car in the World impress you? It is seriously a tiny little solar powered vehicle that fits in the palm of your hand…a small part of the palm of your hand.

Previously we wrote How to Build a Solar RC Car, but it was a lot larger than this tiny solar car.

This miniature solar car’s dimensions are only 33 x 22 x 14 millimeters, and we have to agree with Inhabitots that babies and toddlers should not play with it, for the possibility of choking on such small parts. Still, it is a beauty in its size and ability to function by solar power alone, and in some instances…even indoor light.

This small solar car is truly a cute and magnificent creation that reminds me of baby slot cars. If you would like to get a hand full of these, they are 11.99 Pounds each.

Via: Inhabitots