New PSP 2 Concept Design with Scrolling OLED Screen

Concept PSP Design

I am big lover of conceptual gadget design, and I love concept design of any Gadget I see as much as I love the Concept Phone designs and the Segway Scooter concepts. However, the concept PSP 2 design is one of the coolest I have seen around the web.

Concept PSP Design

The Sony PSP 3000 is great and all, but the new PSP 2 Concept design actually has a scrolling OLED screen and inwards folding side speakers.

Concept PSP Design

The speakers act as the controls for the device, but it is not mentioned what technology is to be used nor can we see any buttons on the PSP 2 device.

Concept PSP Design

The Stereo speakers on either sides of the Concept design also double as a jog wheel and camera control.

Concept PSP Design

As beautiful as it seems, the design of the new PSP 2 keeps raising a question, What about the Ergonomics? This Device certainly is a Ergonomic Nightmare. There is no way you will be able to hold this device while gaming without your ankles hurting.

Yanko Designs Via Nerd With Swag

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