Cellphone and iPod Charging Shoe

Our cellphone, iPod and other portable electronics may have increased features and abilities, but their batteries sometimes need charging more often. This great shoe hack lets you charge your cellphone or iPod as you walk.

Murphy’s Law, we usually notice that we need to charge our electronics when we need to use them the most. I am not sure if you would agree with that, but it seems that has been the case for me many times over.

This cool shoe hack may cause an eyesore, but it provides great practicality. It provides enough watts to power, so you can listen to your iPod as you walk, and currently increasing development, so it will gain more power than it uses.

You can bet that we won’t see many walking with such a contraption strapped to their feet, but the idea is just in development. Overall, it would be extremely practical if we would not need to always remember to bring our electronic chargers with us just in case. Just like the Electronic Charging Clothes being development, it would give us a lot more leeway and convenience.

Via: GearDiary