Home Security Surveillance Cameras Pocket Size

Home Security Surveillance Cameras are an important part for many within an effective security system. There are many different variations, styles and even sizes, and this pocket size camera may inspire many to take a step further towards home surveillance.

Whether or not you are interested in Home Security or not, this ping pong sized home surveillance camera is pretty darn cool. It consists of 128 MB flash memory with support for an external card for additional memory. Moreover, it supports DVR, has a rechargeable battery, USB connectors and shoots up to 30 FPS.

If you are looking to go a different route, you could always Build a Laser Home Security System or go for the Magic Mirror Home Security.

Via: GizmoWatch

5 thoughts on “Home Security Surveillance Cameras Pocket Size

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  3. Secure24Seven.

    That is really cool, especially considering the size of the camera. I wonder really how good the quality and resolution of the recording turns out to be. Overall though, I would definitely pick myself up one.

  4. Pamela.

    It does have the cool factor, but all that really matters is does it meet the goals of the individual homeowner and does it come with a full, six-month money back satisfaction guarantee.


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