Asus Touchscreen Laptop Concept for Windows 7

Asus Display Only Laptop

When the world is blaming Microsoft for the lame operating systems they create (Like Vista), Asus – a leading computer manufacturer has gone ahead and presented a prototype of a Laptop that will be touchscreen only and are expected to take advantage of Windows 7

Asus says that the touchscreen-only Laptop will be shipped in the first quarter of 2009. Asus’s new touch panel notebooks hope to utilize Windows 7 and will surely need additional software to handle the virtual keyboard and features. They haven’t yet decided what software company will they hire to make the feature of the virtual keyboard, neither have they told us how big the Laptops would be.

The Asus full touchscreen keyboard (Shall we still call it that?) will have to be gesture based. It will be good for people that mostly work with PhotoShop and similar software. The image editing on the Asus True Touch Screen Laptop will be as easy as it can get and that too without using any additional software. However the size of the laptop raises one big question, What about the Battery life? The battery backup time can be a big problem in such kinds of devices but I am sure Asus will do something to make the battery backup time as better as possible.

DigiTimes Via UberGizmo