Transformers Toy Meets Mickey Mouse

Transformers and Mickey Mouse, who came up with that odd combination? It isn’t everyday that you see a tough and cool classic toy such as the Transformers be mixed with a Cartoon characters that practically always smiles like Mickey Mouse.

While the combo seems a little odd, the images look pretty cool. Dear old Mickey Mouse received a dual wings upgrade, a head piece and transformers into a kinda Optimus Prime Truck.

The nice touch on this Transformer toy is that there is a toon like quality to the details and images. The Truck transformation does not stand up to the great Optimus Prime but receives a curvy factor that resembles the likes of Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

This new Transformer toy is due to be released in March of 2009 painted in Black and White…maybe as an ode to Steamboat Willy.

Via: NerdApproved