Cool Weapon Designs for your Home

It isn’t everyday that you see different cool weapons designed in a way to make your home look more modern, different and warm. In fact, some of these weapon designs could make your home a lot more hip and create easy ice breaking conversations.

The Bedside Gun Lamp design by Phillipe Starck simply looks amazing and immediately gets people to go read its inscription: “Happiness is a Hot Gun”.

The Bullet Ice Tray is an amazing way to fix a drink for your friends and make it with Ice Cold Bullets. Instead of going for hearts, stars, or regular ice cubes, these bullet ice cubes hit the spot.

Speaking of fixing a drink, your friends and guests would wonder what is in their drink when you use the Silver Bullet Cocktail Shaker. It is definitely a creative weapon design that is extremely slick and practical.

For more Amazing weapon Designs, you can check out an entire Collection of them at the link below.

Via: StyleCrave