SanDisk Developing 128 GB microSD Card

SanDisk MicroSd

People who didn’t even believe that there could be a 32 GB microSD card available, get ready for the 128 GB microSD from SanDisk. The 128 GB microSD won’t be available anytime soon but SanDisk – The inventor of flash storage cards is developing it and will be available within the next 3 years. Of course the currently available devices like cellphones and cameras won’t be able to support such a large capacity of memory, but Cellphones and other such devices will have to evolve too in the near future.

In the next three years you will be looking for data to fill into your Memory Devices. Talking to Deccan Herald, Chief Operating Officer and one of the founders of US-based SanDisk Sanjay Mehrotra said “The tiny thumb-nail-size micro card will have storage capacity equal to today’s PCs. That is the power of digital flash memory which is faster, smaller and needs less power to operate.” So, how much will the 128 GB be capable of holding in it? It will enable your mobile devices to hold up to 187 Ripped DVD movies, 20,000 high resolution photos and 16,000 songs.

Sounds Nice doesn’t it?