Google Chrome Support Greasemonkey…Soon

Google Chrome to Support Greasemonkey

The only thing thats keeping Internet Users from switching to Google Chrome is probably the lack of support for plug-ins and add-ons. Aaron Boodman who has developed Greasemonkey works at Google on the Gears project and has contributed to the development of a native Greasemonkey support rolled out in future Chrome versions. The Greasemonkey support will be just a beginning of the Google’s move to enable more plug-ins in Chrome and introduce new API extensions to open Chrome to third-party add-ons.

Currently the Greasemonkey support  exists only in open source developer Chrome builds called Chromium and will be introduced in future shipping consumer versions of Chrome. For people that just can’t wait for the future Stable release of the Chrome Browser can use the Google Chrome Channel Chooser tool we had talked about earlier and update to the latest Chrome Builds and use Greasemonkey through the “–enable-greasemonkey” option that is added to the latest build. You could also change Google Chrome Theme, Block Ads and use StumbleUpon.

Via: GoogleOS Blog