Robot Ant Farms on Mars

So are we going to Mars? Not likely, but Robot swarms, ant size Robots, perhaps will be sent to build Ant Farms on Mars.

The amazing video below presents the i-swram, more like miniature robots which are smaller than a thumbnail. These Robotic ants will work together to build and assemble, like we previously heard about in the Shapeshifting Robots and the Real Transformers.

By being able to assemble into a larger sized Robots and break down into micro-bots, a greater possibility of exploration is apparent. If needed, they will come together as one larger robot, if obstacles appear, they can break down to pass and continue on their search for food, water, etc.

Working by a special algorithm and communicating by Infra-red, these miniature robots do not need much programming or storage. With that, manufacturing is cheaper than before and mass production is easier.

It seems like great progress towards the exploration of Mars.

Via: Physorg