Wear Your iPod With iBangle

Wearable iPod - iBangle

I am sure many people who go jogging in the morning and are addicted to music will love this concept iPod design – iBangle. You can wear the iPod on your wrist as a bangle and listen to music without the fear of dropping your iPod. Although you can’t do many fancy things with the iPod such as connect a Projector or Watch Videos on it because it lacks a screen, you can still listen to music (That’s what iPods were made for, isn’t it?) and it also will look stylish on a wrist.

Wearable iPod - iBangle

To tackle the problem that everyone comes with different wrist sizes, the iBangle design boasts a cushion within that inflates so that it is able to fit into just about any wrist snugly. The iBangle has a Multi-touch track pad using which you can control your playlists.

It may be a concept for now, but I am certain many would love to have an easier and more convenient way to listen to their music while going to exercise.

YankoDesign Designer: Gopinath Prasana