Top Halloween Craft Projects and DIY

Halloween Craft projects, DIY and effects are sometimes what makes this scary time a winner or a dead loser. With Halloween just around the corner, different kids (and adults) are getting ready to dress up in their Halloween costumes and claim their rightful treats. As we bring out all the scary decorations, gather up the cobwebs from the attic, and attempt to chill our guests with our acting skills, there are many ways to add a little more to the Halloween theme.

Below is a Halloween Craft Projects, DIY and Effects Collection so you can add weird, odd and scary themes to your home and/or costume. We know there are many more, so let us know by comments the ones you think should be shared with the rest of the tricksters. If carving funny or geeky Pumpkin Faces is more up your alley, you can check out the Pumpkin Faces Collection with 34 Geeky and Amazing Halloween craft for great inspiration.

Scary Window Projection

Scare the children before they even arrive at your doorstep with Mark Gervais scary videos. If you hook it up to a projector and shine on your window, you could save a lot of money by children being scared of even asking for the treats.

Smiling Mac Pumpkins

Does Steve Jobs make Halloween Craft? He didn’t create this smiling Mac O Lanterns, but he would love to have the Mac Jack O Lantern Mod at his window, combining Halloween with the old Mac computers.

 Motion Activated Spider

Similar to the motion sensor driveway light, this hack will release a spider at your guests. When the children pop up to your doorsteps in an attempt to give you the goosebumps, a spider will come down from its hidden spot to shock the not so innocent bystanders.


Instructables provided the directions to make this cool Halloween DIY along with images and what exact motion sensor they used.


By the way, you do not have to be a fear of spider for this little guy to scare you.


The Robotic Snap-O-Lantern

Many Jack-o-lanterns are around, but we have to integrate technology and Internet to keep up with the times. This Robot Jack O Lantern DIY is fun to scare anyone who comes near it. Just be careful not to snap any little creatures fingers with it.

The True Scarecrow

Not only to scare crows, this Scarecrow could give nightmares to little children and make your house the most feared on the block. SpookyBlue explain how to make one, so you do not have to dress up as one all by yourself.

Spiderman Web Gun for Cobwebs

A recent Halloween DIY that shows how to modify a Hot Glue Gun to Make your own Halloween Cobweb Decoration. It is a perfect way to make as much cobwebs as you wish, and the pattern looks amazing.

Watermelon Brain

A cool recent Halloween craft from BoingBoing which creates a good looking Brain out of a Watermelon. Always fun to gross friends, family and guests with different body parts.