Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

Keyboard shortcuts are extremely important and save you time, energy and a lot of search. When using Keyboard Shortcuts properly, you can cut so much effort and time from your daily tasks that sometimes gets you wondering…if only I started using these shortcuts earlier. Below are a few keyboard shortcuts for Mac Users that are basic but also include where more advanced ones may be found.

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac:

⌘ + Q = Quit
⌘ + W = Close window
⌘ + O = Open a file in your application
⌘ + P = Print
⌘ + C = Copy
⌘ + V = Paste
⌘ + X = Cut
⌘ + S = Save
⌘ + Z = Undo
⌘ + A = Select All
⌘ + Y or Space = Quicklook
⌘ + Tab = Cycle through windows

For more advanced and useful Keyboard Shortcuts for you Mac, such as: Taking a fullscreen picture, Go Backwards or Forwards in History in Finder, Go to iDisk, Go to Application, Turn On Voice Over, Zoom In or Out, and many more practical Mac Keyboard Shortcuts, check out the entire list at: Mac Tricks and Tips.