Retro Apple iPod Walkman Mods

Cool Apple iPod Walkman mods with a hidden case and a Cassette Tape combo. With the iPod having so many variations such as: the iPod Classic, Touch, Shuffle, Nano, the iPhone and new models keep springing up, it is great to see some variation with these two Walkman iPod Mods combining the Music player with a Retro and Oldie look.

The Hidden iPod case is simply a an outer hard case that makes the iPod seems a little less desirable by Technology innovation. It reminds me of the Fake Care Stereo Deck that uses an old Tape deck to deter thieves from stealing it.

The second iPod mod combines an old Cassette Tape walkman with the iPod we are familiar with today. Since not many still have their tapes around, it may not be as useful as the Cassette Tape Closet, but is still a great looking Apple mod nonetheless.

Via: Urlesque Images: Sirljohns & Harlomworld

8 thoughts on “Retro Apple iPod Walkman Mods

  1. daniel ryan.

    where can i buy the ipod case? the one where’s it’s hidden inside the red sony walkman case?
    i absolutely love it! took forever to find haha.

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