Stun Guns Electric Gadgets: Inexpensive Electric Power

Stun Guns are scary Electric Gadgets but also fairly powerful. While having the power of hundreds of thousands of volts with one click of the switch, you really have the potential to become a super villain.

This specific Electric Gadget presents the Stun Gun with amazing volts potential of up to 750,000 volts and is extremely inexpensive…say, $13.

Sometimes we hear how people compare current hard drive prices or USB flash drives, breaking it down to how much each GB or MB costs you. You would be really getting your money’s worth with this Stun Gun…let’s make a quick calculation and stay conservative.

Since this electric gadget provides between 200,000-750,000 volts, we will use the lower amount. $13 for 200,000 volts…15384 Volts each dollar, or 153.84 volts each penny. Sounds like a good price to me. That is some cheap electricity.

Please remember: Stun Guns are not toys. They are created for protection and are also illegal in more than just a few places, so make sure you use it responsibly and legally.

Product: Surplus Computers Via: GearDiary