Blackberry Storm Smartphone UK Release

Blackberry has been making waves lately with their productive and usable phones. Finally, the much anticipated Blackberry Storm is available in the UK.

The Blackberry Storm is another of the productive business oriented phones offered by them, but the first to offer so with a Touchscreen.

As with most smartphones, the Blackberry Storm offers great daily features of productivity, music, video, camera, messaging and more. In addition, its new interface and touchscreen allow users to use various Social Networks on this new smartphone. If you are a Facebook fan or Myspace user, it’s easy to use the 3G connection to change your status or do a little check up.

The new Touchscreen is an enormous addition which provides automatic portrait/landscape switch both with Internet use and actual messaging. This provides a wider actual QWERTY keyboard for your chatting, messaging and additional typing requirement.

Lastly, the Blackberry Storm design is highly attractive, as can be seen in these images from Phones4U. Additional features of the Blackberry Storm are:

1GB of internal memory with an external card capacity of up to 32GB
3.25 inches display
360×480 resolution with 64K colors
5 Hours Talktime; 360 Hours standby