Virtual Jump Rope Health Gadget

Have you ever heard of a Virtual Jump Rope Health Gadget? Well, it exists!

The point to this Health Gadget is that you don’t have to worry about tripping on your jump rope whatsoever. We have seen such a concept before in the LED Electronic Jump Rope, but this one is real.

The JumpSnap Health Gadget is a unique gizmo in that it is comprised of two handle bars with strings attached at the ends. This makes it easier to do some imaginary jump roping and amazingly, you can lose your extra calories doing this. However, you will have to shell out from $60 -$100 to try out this gadget that displays your jump time, calorie counter, jump counter, user profile, and target jump alerts.

You can even turn on the snapping sound that comes loaded on the JumpSnap so that you’re fooled into thinking, “Oh my God, I’ve been jumping rope for half an hour!”

I think this is a great idea! I tried jumping rope to lose weight, but I kept thinking that the rope was getting in the way. So, I just couldn’t stick to my cardio workouts using a jump rope.