JVC Sound Garden Speaker Concept is Closer to Nature

It is technology along with their creators that are sometimes put to blame for soiling our mother earth. So it isn’t all that amazing to see gizmo-giants carry the ‘Eco-friendly’ quotient and churn products that suggest ‘We won’t harm the nature’. More often, these gimmicks fall prey to the sour tongue of critics whereas others simply sail through the minds of consumers.

I believe JVC’s new Sound Garden Speaker Concept is working towards the same goal. With little spaces to hold samplings, these speakers are made of eco-plastic thereby making green-clean claims of being an eco-buddy. The space suggests room for minuscule plants and you shouldn’t expect these plants to reach sky-heights here, and you can create a speaker-garden area by connecting more of these together.

JVC is a name to be trusted for sound capabilities, so you don’t have worry much about the crux of its feature-pack. No word on how soon this concept with realize marketable units in the stores.

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Via SlipperyBrick