How To Make Sushi: Sushi Rolls Gadget

Have you wanted to learn How to Make Sushi? Would you rather have an easy to use gadget that kind of does it for you? Probably most of us would.

People continue to claim that it is so easy to make sushi. All you need is the ingredients, a little practice, and it could actually be fun. The thing is, even though I believe them, I have never ever made Sushi by myself, and usually end up ordering out.

Here comes the Sushezi, an electronic sushi Rolls Gadget that puts it all together. As it opens up to two halfs, you simply load up the ingredients as should, and the Sushi rolls are rolled automatically.

This gadget alone does raise my interest in making Sushi at home. I have always loved Sushi, as I mentioned in the Sushi USB Drive and the Lego Sushi Rolls, I just never got to the Sushi DIY.

Via: BookofJoe