Watch and LED Torch Carabiner Gadget

A Carabiner which includes a Watch and LED Torch…what a great combination! I wonder if someone ever thought of stashing multi-functionality in Carabiners and also with complete neatness and sense, but this one is unique. This Carabiner encompasses a watch to help you track time that waits for none and a bright torch.

The basic loop characteristic of a Carabiner clip makes it versatile for usage, be it your backpack or your pants, where there are places you can simply cling it. Moreover, it owes its strength and durability to the metal alloy carcass. The makers added another sturdy addition to its feature-list by making it water-resistant, so water-babies rest assured.

The small yet powerful LED torch is strong enough to pour light up to several meters. Having seen the ‘survival’ feature-pack of this Carabiner, I wonder if its price of $48 is too much to ask for.

Via GeekAlerts