Blackberry Bold Smartphone with AT&T

The much-anticipated release of the Blackberry Bold by AT&T has finally arrived. The Blackberry Bold is touted for one of the fastest 3G networks smartphone and has both an intuitive design and gives its business users cutting edge functionality.

This Blackberry smartphone ships loaded with integrated GPS for AT&T Navigator and WiFi. These can be accessed at the many AT&T hotspots across the U.S – and that includes your favorite Starbucks hangout.

What else? Well, the Blackberry Bold also has an excellent color LCD screen to die for, offering you exceptional definition and clarity. The pictures on the Bold are vibrant and sharp, sort of like the ones you would see in a photography magazine, and videos play quite smoothly. Of course, there’s also the web pages, presentations, documents, and messaging functionality that’s brought to life with outstanding quality and contrast on the Blackberry Bold. If I decide to take a dip into my retirement account, I just might get this phone! It’s got everything – more speed and more power. And I’ve always been gaga over the Blackberry brand. But it will cost me a whopping $549 without a 2-year contract with AT&T.

In terms of specs, the camera resolution on the Bold is 2 megapixels – not bad, although I would have preferred 3 megapixels. The phone also includes live video capture and playback. This is important to note because I remember when the iPhone launched in early January of 2007, a lot of the criticism was presented about Steve Jobs’ wonder-phone centered around not having functionalities like a video camera that ordinary phones have. I think the major players in the smartphone market are now keeping that in mind not to leave out the video and camera functions on a business phone. I think the idea goes to show that people are really looking for an “all-in-one” phone rather than having a business phone and a casual phone hanging on two sides of their belts.

The Blackberry Bold supports the following music formats: MP3, .3gp, WMA9 Pro, WMA 10, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC, AAC +, eAAC+, supports AT&T Mobile Music, and subscription music services such as Napster Mobile, eMusic, iTunes MP3 playlists. In addition, the smartphone also has streaming radio – very nice!.

As far as messaging is concerned, the text messaging feature on the Bold allows you to insert pictures, video clips and sound clips; Instant Messaging services cover AOL, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo. The Blackberry phone is Mobile Email enabled and offers the Blackberry Push Technology, allowing up to 10 personal email accounts that have automatic delivery.

Source: AT&T

2 thoughts on “Blackberry Bold Smartphone with AT&T

  1. Johnathan Reaves.

    I am a blackberry user and I must say that this is a great phone. For the cost of it I would like to see a better battery life but nothing the things this phone can do I understand why the battery will die really fast. I had the iphone before getting the blackberry bold and I must say that the Iphone will be hard to beat. The only phone that is truely compared with the iphone is the blackberry bold. Emil system on the bold is better1 point. The iphone wins when it comes to internet browers, 1 point. Bold has the voice turn by turn GPS, 2 points total. iphone has does have a better battery life for as talk time, 2 points. And I must say that the applications for the iphone was alot better as well, 3 points. The blackberry has a much professional style and look for all business men and women, 3 points. The iphone does have a bigger memory there’s no need to buy a memory card with the iphone, 4 points. The bold must have a memory card which you must purchase. So i guess the iphone won by 1 point.

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