UMPC Laptop Sleeve


The ubiquitous laptop seems to be transforming into diminutive notebooks; at least that’s what trend-watchers are saying. It’s inevitable because everyone either wants to be part of the notebook trend, or wants a smaller computer to work with.

If you’ve managed to get yourself one of these surf-enabled trinkets, then you also need something to protect so you can carry it wherever you go. After all, what’s the point of owning an expensive notebook, if you can’t show it off while you travel. In addition, it may be bordering on foolishness to get a compact notebook, and lug it in a bulky case. Do not to fret. Voila! the UMPC Laptop Sleeve is here for the rescue.

This sleeve is exactly what you and your notebook need. The neoprene sleeve consists of just enough extra baggage to save your notebook from scratches and dings. It works especially well with your Cloudbook, Eee PC, HP Mini Note and MSI Wind. However, it can also carry a billion other types of UMPC computers.

According to the specs, the notebook sleeve has the following features:

Carries laptops that are up to 10”
Neoprene sleeves are weather-resistant and it has cushions that protect your electronics
External zippered accessory pocket has a place for you to carry power adapter, DVDs, cables and accessories
Size is 11.5inches X 2.75inches
Weight is 8oz
Warranty: 25 years
Paddled handles for easy transport
Neoprene sleeve enables transport of portable laptop in a briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack