Computer Keyboard Typing Made Easy with Colorful Keyboard

Learn Keyboard Typing

Computer Keyboard Typing is something we do everyday, yet we do not spend time learning to type better, faster or more efficiently. This colorful computer keyboard from KeyRight can make our lives a lot easier and at the same time teach us better keyboard typing skills. What matters the most for a person that is learning typing is to keep in mind which finger of his hand belongs to which keys on the keyboard. To make a learner easily remember this data, the keys on the KeyRight computer keyboard have been color-coded.

The different color zones on this keyboard help people to differentiate eight different “finger zones” from one another. Look & Learn KeyRight keyboard comes with its own interactive learning software that further helps to learn typing effectively. The KeyRight Keyboard costs $40 and can be connected to any PC or Mac via USB.

Via UberGizmo and Electronista