Hummer H2 Tank Mod

You can see different Hummer H2 vehicles around but never one like this. It may be that the old army roots are getting back into this Hummer with a Tank mod or perhaps just another way to spend money.

Why are people making Tank mods? Is there something I am missing with these creations? We have seen Tank Girl Pink Tank a little while back, and now a Hummer H2 Tank was created…what the hell for?

Oh, maybe they are trying to find ways to have such vehicles eat up even MORE gas than before? Well…mission is a complete success.

Via: Asylum Via: Complex

6 thoughts on “Hummer H2 Tank Mod

  1. brandon.

    I actually just got this hummer for my 16th birthday. Its going to be in the truckin spread here soon under my name. The gas milage isn’t as bad as you would think. it gets 15 without my tracks and 9 with. about what a non lifted hummer would have. its a 2008 it has the 6.2L motor and 6speed transmission it runs pretty good especially with the procharger that is pushing 650hp. my dad is taking itto trade show in odessa this week should bring a lot of attention. To bad i got my license suspended at school for having a little to much fun in the tank but oh well in 2 1/2 weeks im back.

  2. Mike.

    I like this Hummer. I guess if I were rich I might invest in creating a Hummer like this one because I think it’s a cool, creative, and neat idea to put those kind of tracks on the vehicle to make it a little more unstoppable than it was before. I guess I would need to be richer because the gas on this thing must suck…it looks like it would eat up the gas with those tracks on it.

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