Space Invaders Design is All Stitched Up

Cool Space Invaders Design stitch is making some eyes turn for a second and third look.

I was immediately thrown back when I encountered this Space Invaders Design by Stupid Is The New Clever at InspireMeNow. It feels like the old video game screen, with colors, shape, but not size has revisited.

Is it the Space Invaders simple design, their monotone screen movement or simply a retro love which is bringing these guys back into our life so many times? It seems that they just won’t quit. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they never do.

If you also love the Space Invaders aliens, then you would probably love the Space Invaders Keyboard, their Alien Tumblers, the Space Invader Alien Pumpkin Face, or you could actually make one Special Space Invaders Belt Buckle.

5 thoughts on “Space Invaders Design is All Stitched Up

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