Super Mario Bros. 2 Theme in Acoustic Gypsy Jazz Style

Super Mario is back and this time it isn’t in Super Obama World, but in the theme from the 2nd video game but in a completely different style…Acoustic Gypsy Jazz.

It is not new to hear that someone has remade the Super Mario Bros. theme in some weird style, technology or performance involved, but this acoustic style is brilliant. If this video game series was not so etched in our brains, we may actually believe this is a true musical piece and not a video game part.

I’m not saying that Video Games do not have good music, but only a few really listen to game music in their offtime – also known as: not playing video games time.

Previous remakes included Tesla Coils version and also the RC Cars and Wine Bottles version. If you haven’t seen one or the other, both are amazing.

Via: Neatorama Via: Growabrain