USB Heated Gloves Gadget

Well, it’s getting closer to the end of the year – that translates into cold hands while using your computer. Don’t worry, here’s the perfect solution besides the Computer Keyboard Heater, The USB Heated Gloves Gadget.

In light of the fact that fuel bills are getting a tad bit higher, consumers are advised to turn down their thermostats – that really spells out how bad this seemingly looming recession really is. A decade ago, most middle class PC users would have thought that was a crazy idea but now, with the USB heated glove in hand, you can beat that frost in your finger feeling, anytime.

The fun USB gloves are made of wool plus it has a special feature built in that acts as double heating pads so that your hands are kept nice and warm.

Taking a quick look at the specs on these bad boys:

· Open-end design allows you to work as without Gloves
· Warming your hands during winter time or cold environment
· Gloves are made of wool and connect to USB port individually
· Double heating pads that allow you to control to a comfortable temperature
· Powered by USB, safe and convenient

The USB heated gloves ships for $21.99 from

By the way, these gloves will certainly come in handy if you’re using a laptop outdoors. If it is cold outside, it does help to have a heating gadget that is reliable, so you can concentrate on what you’re doing without being distracted by how cold your are. If you’re an outdoor person, even better.

The good thing about these USB gloves is that they are made in a way that they don’t interfere with you using touch pads, and they keep your hands as warm as toast. The gloves come with a separate power cord as well. The double heating pads also allow you to control your preferred temperature for your hands. This is a fantastically safe, and comfortable idea.

One note of caution, the manufacturer warns that it is not advisable to connect the 2 gloves to the same USB Hub, for this is bound to reduce its performance.

The packages shipped from usbfever are either 1. Gentlemen (sized gloves) or 2. Lady (size). And if you choose the default package, it is No.1.

For those of you who prefer not to work with naked hands this winter, you’re going to love this gadget. Nothing like heated gloves when you’re working late and you’re too lazy to get that cup of coffee at 1am to keep yourself warm. Well, this is an alternate. Maybe, they’ll invent USB coffee next!

Source: Coolbuzz via Geeky-Gadgets