Lemmings from Lego

I wonder if the Lemmings made from Lego are less prone to the myth of mass suicide. As we remember in the Lemmings video game, they practically had no train of thought and would walk over a cliff to their death unless the player told them otherwise.

This Lego creation is of the Lemmings Blocker, or in other words, the one which changes the oncoming direction of its fellow Lemmings. Some could say, it is the one who stops others from walking straight to their death, but the correct term is Blocker.

It is a cute Lego creation by Gambort, and a colorful use of frogs as hair.

Via: BrothersBrick

One thought on “Lemmings from Lego

  1. Billigflug.

    And this is the final good? the green parts on the top of the lemming seems like “green stuff” …I think its unfinished …It looks curios!
    But this is only my thinking


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