New Fingerprint Scan LCD Reader

LCD fingerprint reader

Some people need to work with a Fingerprint reader at their Office, and it can get a bit awkward to have to look it up every time you need it. This New fingerprint gadget has 2.8 inch LCD panel comes with an ability to scan fingerprints.

The new technology that enables these kinds of devices to work has been developed by AU Optronics Corporation of Taiwan. The LCD Fingerprint reading enabled LCD can change the whole scenario of security issues we face these days. The LCDs can be used in Cellphones Fingerprint Scan and Blackberries to secure the data stored within the device, similar to the Fingerprints for Gas Stations. Even if the device is stolen, the data contained in the device can’t be accessed without the actual owner (Of course only if the their doesn’t use Augmented Fingerprints).

The new LCD can also be used to measure ultraviolet light. All you have to do is hold the device up to the light, and it will express the intensity of UltraViolet Light as a number from 1 to 11. This data can be used by people who have certain kind allergies to some intensity of UV rays. The device is mounted with optical sensors and detection circuit that enable it to work perfectly. However, there is no word as yet of when the device will be available in the market and is still under development.

Via Tech on and GearLog