Math Watch for Geeks

Please note, this is the Math Watch for Geeks, not the Geeky Math Clock.

Unlike the clock, this Geeky Math Watch is with you at all times, worn or your wrist to be punctual with your appointments, and provides the immediate simple challenge any time you wish to have the time.

Of course, we already know what hour is at what position, and even if we didn’t, we would naturally remember after one or two times, but it also shows math could be fashionable. The thing is, I am not sure how to set my accounts straight to find an extra $1050 to actually purchase this Geek Watch.

Via: TechEBlog

6 thoughts on “Math Watch for Geeks

  1. Ali.

    First of all, 0^0 = 1. Assuming it’s meant to be 0? (zero degrees), it should switched with the 90?. In math, circles generally start at the positive X axis and go counter-clockwise.

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