Nokia N85 Cellphone Launched in UK

The Nokia N85 cellphone is finally released in the UK, and it is a place for celebration. The long awaited cellphone has some similarities to the Nokia N96 dual slide we have grown to love, but in a more compact design. In addition, the N96 does have increased performance but, with that, also costs a lot more.

The Nokia N85 has great Multimedia features that perform as needed, making owners happy. The on-board camera is a Carl Zeiss 5MP with Auto-focus and an active lens cover, automatically activating the camera when opened. The Music player, and along with the dual-slide ability, makes the Nokia N85 extremely easy to use and upload music a snap. In addition, the video is clear and can be attached to a TV easily with the outputs provided right on the phone. Finally, a great N-Gage gaming experience is also inherited with this phone by the clear display, pre-installed demos, and easy to use keys for simplicity.

As in some specs, the Nokia N85 cellphone uses Symbian Operating System, takes a Mini-SD card up to 8GB to increase storage, talk time is approximately 7 hours with a 363 hours standby estimate, and has a mini-usb storage abilities…so charging on the go is a lot easier.

GPS is integrated in this device along with the great sleek design and looks. Overall, it is a great performing cellphone that does not stand up right next to the Nokia N96 but also costs a lot less.