3D Printer Uses Paper

We all want a 3D printer for our home, but the costs and materials could be sky high. A new 3D printer called Matrix from Mcor Technologies provides a wonderful possibility of creating the 3D models using plain paper and glue.

The 3 dimensional models seen in the images were created by A4 paper and cost a dollar or less in materials. As a design is decided on, the Matrix Printer cuts paper being fed into required size and uses glue to combine additional pieces, thus creating beautiful an amazing 3D designs.

It is amazing that we can simply use paper to create models and do not need expensive ink refills or other photopolymer material. In fact, we could probably use draft paper that cannot be used for important documentation, which may also add a unique design, coloring and print onto the actual 3D models.

It is simply wonderful that with the innovative technology, it does not necessarily have to hurt our pockets or the envirnment.

Via: Wired Via: HackADay