Gmail Voice and Video Chat Available Now

Gmail has now added a new Voice and Video chat capability within its email client that is easy to add and use.

I myself use Gmail chat ALL the time. It is simple, convenient and simply works as you would like a chat application to work. It does not have all the bells and whistles that many other chat apps have, but you know what?…that is what makes it hit just the right spot.

I must admit that when I heard of the new Voice and Video chat abilities of Gmail, I thought it is exciting that after so long, a voice and video chat has been provided. I still wonder if it would grant additional convenience as we should expect from Gmail additions.

In order to use these new chat features, you would need to download and install the Gmail Voice and Video Plugin. As the Gmail Blog stated…’they take care of the rest’.

With such enormous use of Gmail chat on a daily basis, I wonder how many would actually use this new plugin regularly, how many would remain with regular chat only, and how many would never even try it.

You can watch Google’s official video of the new Gmail Voice and Video chat right below.

Via: Gmail Blog