Limited Edition World of Warcraft Computer Keyboard

If you could make any choice and select any of the cool keyboards for your typing purpose, here is yet another keyboard you have as an option. The “World of Warcraft” keyboard is what they call it and it is limited edition, so hurry before the stocks end. This WoW Limited Edition Keyboard retails for $69.99 at Amazon.

The WoW Keyboard is designed in such a way that it gives optimal performance when playing World of Warcraft. The Amazing keyboard or “SteelSeries Zboard Limited-Edition Wrath of the Lich King Bundle with Zboard Keyboard, Keyset, and Standard Qwerty Keyset” keyboard as the Amazon call it, has been built with special keys assigned for Raiding and Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay, one-touch macros for frequent commands like roll, duel and invite, strategic placement of color-coded labeled keys. It definitely is just another funky Keyboard if you don’t plan on playing the Game it is designed for. If you do play World of Warcraft, this keyboard is as essential as your computer for playing the game.

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Via: Slash Gear