Wireless SD Card Eye Fi in 4GB

Last year the Eye Fi Wireless SD Card was released, and to celebrate its anniversary, a new 4GB Eye-Fi version was released.

The Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card allows wireless transfer of images without the need for a card reader or external cables with its Wifi. It grants such ease of use and also allows the wireless uploading of pictures straight to some of the popular social networks, i.e Facebook, Flickr, etc.

This new Anniversary Wireless Eye-Fi SD Card provides a most apperant increase of memory size – 4GB. Moreover, Geotagging Features can be added with upgrade to tag photos by their location for easier organization. This new Eye-Fi Card has a 90+ feet Outdoor (45+ feet indoor) range for uploading and also features increased power management with the digital camera it involves.

This would be a great Christmas Gift this holiday both for its size and actual utility..