iPhone Sparkling Metallic Cases

The hyper-hyped iPhone design has witnessed an overdose of accessories and design concepts since its release and just when I thought the rage is about to subside, these euphoric metallic iPhone cases had to prove me wrong. The Noel Collection of iPhone 3G cases with the highly reflecting metallic surface can easily make your iPhone a show stealer. Draped in top-notch metallic lacquer, this collection intends to compliment the festivity spirit of Christmas.

It also suggests a good way to bedazzle visitors with a Christmas tree bejeweled with shiny iPhones! And like most of the accessories and designs eclipsing iPhone, these cases will not burn a hole in your pocket. Priced at just $30 (More thing), it ships with free mirror screen protector and clear Apple logo protection film (for the back). The collection offers a choice of 4 bootylicous colors- silver, blue, red, and gold and definitely a fresh reason to own an iPhone 3G. The guys at Technabob have dropped a word of caution about its extremely smooth finish because of which safe gripping could be difficult.

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Via DoobyBrain

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