Hidden Speaker in Teddy Bear

I don’t have to tell you about a woman’s inclination to soft cuddly toys. It seems to be our birthright to have as many as we can manage to garner and adore them in leisure time. I am wondering if this faceless teddy would please your stuffed-toy-appetite, but this can make up for a nice sound system to tag along with your media player. The Tuned Bear is definitely a refreshing change from the usual set of portable audio units on the retail shelves.

The bear hides in a pair of speakers in its feet and one of the ear displays on/off switch. The volume controls lie at the paws and the system is juiced up by the batteries stationed in its butt area. So except the face-area, every part is occupied with a function. I am assuming that makers have kept room for us to add the emoting features there.

It is a creation of Hirokawa Japan and is currently only on the Japanese shores. You can pick one for almost $39 from Rakuten’s Plywood store. The source doesn’t talk about compatibility with music players, but the image suggests that iPod folks always have an extra edge.

Via Technabob